Family Owned and Operated for over 40 Years!!


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Joseph Tenebria Sr.

Joe began Myers Precision Grinding in 1973 at age 18 under the direction of his father in-law Howard Myers. In 1989 he purchased the company in full from Mr. Myers who retired into a consultant role. The company has been expanding through mostly means of reputation under Joe since. Joe acquired International Grinding into the Myers family in 2010 and Centerless Grinding Service in 2015. He is also an active member in the Cleveland chapter of the NTMA..

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Joseph Tenebria Jr.

Following in his father's and grandfather's footsteps, Joe grew up in the industry. He began working in the shop at 16 years of age and has climbed his way up the ladder. Joe is now a plant manager and a primary figure head in the sales department.

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Michelle Okuley

As the daughter of Joe Tenebria, Michelle became a part of Myers Precision Grinding at a young age. After she received her bachelor degree in marketing from the University of Dayton, she became the full time office manager in 2004. She has since attended Cleveland State University and obtained her masters in communication. Michelle oversees the office and marketing departments for Myers Precision Grinding as well as for International Grinding.

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Dennis M. Okuley

Dennis began working on the floor at Myers Precision Grinding in 2001 while studying computer engineering at the University of Dayton. Dennis became the quality coordinator for Myers Precision Grinding in 2010 as he installed in-house gage calibration techniques during the companies ISO9001:2008 certification process. In addition to this, he currently serves as production manager at International Grinding and Centerless Grinding Service.